Meet the Instructors: Abdel Kader Jrab

With the digital umbrella encompassing every field in the business world, digital marketing has become a top skill today. Meet our amazing Digital Marketing Certification Course instructor, Abdel Kader Jrab, and learn more about his journey.

How would you describe Abdel Kader Jrab

Being a Digital Marketing Professional with over 12 years of experience specializing in social media, SEO, SEM and e-Commerce, my mission is to help businesses and individuals find success and financial freedom online. I hold a Masters Degree and am a certified Digital Marketer from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) in Dublin.

In 2018, I co-founded Beit Byout, an online retailer for home decor accessories and I’m passionate about building cool things for my clients to help them build their empire and develop their online presence through the digital services I offer and online marketing courses. In essence, I am a husband, a father, an instructor but at the core a digital marketer.

I’ve helped many companies achieve success online such as Warner Music Middle East, Beesline, Lebanese American University and some other local businesses in UAE like Urban Circle, Mira Farms, BeVegan, Green & Blue Landscape, Odeem and Extra Mile. In KSA, I’ve worked with businesses like Riyadh Najed School, IFF Machine and Mixstore.

Ready, Set, Let’s Rapid Fire

What is your digital marketing superpower?
Social Media Advertising, Google Ads, Funnels / Landing Page Creation, Campaigns Optimization.

If you weren’t working in digital marketing you would be….
I don’t think I love anything else other than working and making money from behind a screen. The remote life we reached after the pandemic suits me a lot because that’s what I always wanted and looked for, and now it’s just a reality everyone is living.

Tell us something about you that our participants would be surprised to learn.
I started my e-Commerce business with my wife in 2018 and succeeded in growing the business to getting more than 300 orders per month after only 10 months.

Share a couple of free online tools or resources you find useful and tell us why

  • MailerLite: It is one of the best email marketing platforms out there, super easy to use for any beginner)
  • Krisp: This is a noise cancelling tool, great for meetings, trainings
  • Canva: The design tool for non-designers, I personally know how to design using Photoshop and Illustrator but I’ve recently started using Canva since it enables me to move quicker and design on the go for me and my clients
  • Asana: This is one of the best project management tools out there, it is such a powerful tool for teams to manage tasks and be more productive

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