Digital Career Course: Break into the field!

Ahmad Abugosh · October 9, 2021

Stop Being Confused & Rejected!

Are you unsure about the best path to take to get a job in digital marketing, coding or data science? Did you apply to dozens of jobs and never got a response? Are you someone that is struggling to break into a digital or tech field but don’t have the experience that most jobs require? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the course for you!

👉 What You’ll Get

📝 Understand the top digital career paths and how to break into them for digital marketing, coding and data science

👩‍🏫 Learn how to get your first job, even if you have ZERO experience!

🎓 Learn how recruiters and talent experts in the MENA region think about hiring (from their own mouths)

Course Content

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Getting Started with Digital Careers
The Digital Marketing Path
The Coding Path
The Data Path
Practical Tips from Recruiters
Get Hired!

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Ahmad Abugosh

Director of Marketing & Learning Programs at AstroLabs

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