Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

With all of the chaos and uncertainty that 2020 brought and left us with, it did bring one very important factor that has helped marketers around the world – a major boom in all things digital.

As more and more people embrace technology and with everything being just a click away, marketers now have the opportunity to focus more of their resources on digital marketing efforts.

Here are a few digital marketing trends that marketers must pay attention to in order to get the most bang for their buck :

1. Live streaming and real time connect

Live streaming is an extremely popular marketing trend this year – all events, concerts and even weddings are now being streamed live so that more and more people can participate remotely. With apps like Clubhouse and platforms like GoToWebinars, YouTube live, Instagram Live, Facebook Live and Amazon Live, it is getting easier to arrange this. On Facebook, live viewings spiked by 50% during lockdown periods, while viewings on Instagram surged 70%, a trend we see continuing through this year as well. 

2. Purposeful marketing

Simply running marketing and ad campaigns will not yield fruitful results in 2021. Instead, marketers must focus on marketing with a purpose – the campaigns must have a story, mission or message around them that viewers and audiences can resonate with or get key takeaways from. This will keep your audiences interested and hooked, which will lead to great results.

3. Go for sustainable

Quick results can be derived from paid follower campaigns that can give your pages hundreds of thousands of followers. However, we strongly advise marketers to not waste their budgets on such campaigns. This is a very inorganic and temporary hack. Instead, focus on awareness campaigns for specific content with precise targeting. Consider reaching out to digital marketing experts for help with this, and get the most sustainable results.

4. Let your users rule

One major digital marketing trend for 2021 is UGC – user generated content. Resharing content created by your users, or creating campaigns asking for users to share their thoughts, views, feedback and then creating content around that will be the best kind of marketing content to use. Hero your audiences, and they’ll hero you.

5. Multimedia all the way

Multimedia has grown from a format to a way of marketing. Generating multi-format content does not mean keeping the content the same. If you want great results in 2021, you need to be creating a variety of content across a variety of formats in order to keep your audiences engaged.

6. Voice will scream

Voice content is one of the most explosive formats for this year, with digital assistants like Siri, Google and Alexa gaining popularity. Moreover, podcasts are also becoming more and more popular and are garnering many ears. Therefore, pay extra emphasis on creating voice content for your audiences.

Digital marketing is going to be witnessing a whole new phase in 2021. Make sure to jump aboard and make the most of your marketing budgets. To know more about digital marketing trends and how you can implement them, register now for our Digital Marketing Certification Course.


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  1. i would like to know more about digital marketing .

  2. i would like to know more about digital marketing .