Top 10 Careers in Dubai for 2021

Dubai is constantly growing and has become a top place for professionals to go to gain experience and climb up the corporate ladder. But what are the careers that are most in-demand in Dubai? Here’s our list of the top 10 careers in Dubai right now.

1. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are the number one on our list for a simple reason – demand has been steadily rising and shows no signs of stopping. According to LinkedIn, since 2012 there has been a 650% increase in data science jobs. The demand for data scientists is high but supply is low, and according to IBM, this trend will continue for years. 

Data Scientists can work in multiple industries including healthcare, government, and it among others. These types of organizations collect massive amounts of data, but that data isn’t any good if there is nobody to analyze it and provide solutions based on that data. That’s what data scientists do, they analyze data through a variety of algorithms, AI and other statistical tools. 

An estimated average salary figure for this role would be nearly 25K AED per month. These can vary depending on individual experience, industry and/or company size. 

Below are some responsibilities a Data Scientist would have: 

  • Identify issues by working closely with the business and use data collected to propose solutions for effective decision making
  • Build algorithms and design experiments to extract, merge and manage data. This will be used to produce reports to colleagues, customers or the wider organization
  • Proficient in machine learning tools and statistical techniques to produce solutions to problems
  • Continuously improve data collection methods and effectiveness of data sources 

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2. Data Analyst

A close second on our list is Data Analysts. While the job of a Data Analyst and Data Scientist may seem similar, they are not the same. Data analysts analyze information using various data tools. This is then used by data scientists to make informed decisions. 

There is also a high demand for Data Analysts. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Data Analyst jobs will see a growth of 18% from 2018-2028. This is due to the increasing demand of market research in a wide variety of sectors, such as marketing companies, retail sectors and professional service sectors, among others. 

Data Analysts scrutinize data using a variety of statistical tools and algorithms. They identify important trends and pull out the most important data needed for a business to make an informed decision. 

An estimated average salary figure for this role would be nearly 18K AED per month. These can vary depending on individual experience, industry and/or company size. 

Below are some responsibilities a Data Analyst would have: 

  • Use advanced computerized models to extract the needed data 
  • Audit and monitor data quality 
  • Determine the meaning of data through further analysis
  • using business analytics reporting tools, reports are prepared

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3. Backend Engineer

With the growing use of Information Technology, coding jobs have been increasing. Backend Engineers are vitally important – they’re the ones who create the structure of a software application. This means that they design, develop, manage and maintain the server-side of applications. They optimize speeds of the applications as well as monitor security. In other words, they work on how a website or application works. Backend engineers use Python, PHP and Java.  As a backend developer, the estimated average salary figure falls around 18K AED per month.

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4. Frontend Engineer

These engineers work closely with Backend Engineers. They focus on the look, feel and functionality of the application. Frontend Engineers can develop and maintain a website and can work with businesses to develop a structure for the website. They focus on how a website or application looks. Frontend Engineers primarily use HTML and CSS codes. An estimated salary average for this position would be around 18K AED per month.

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5. Digital Marketing Specialist

Advertising is no longer the way it used to be. More focus is being given to create a digital presence and develop a connection with consumers. A Digital Marketing Specialist works with the marketing department to develop a target audience, create a brand image and voice and help manage and maintain an online presence. 

Due to the growing digitization of the world and the pandemic accelerating it, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 10% growth for all marketing roles including digital marketing. 

As a digital marketer, the estimated average salary figure that you can expect in Dubai would be 15K AED per month subject to change depending on varying individual experience, industry and/or company size. 

Below is what a day in the life of digital marketing specialist is like: 

  • provide accurate reports and analysis to clients and company management to demonstrate effective return on investment (ROI)
  • research new online media opportunities that may benefit the business 
  • Create a brand, voice and theme for social media campaigns, and engage with potential consumers on social media
  • to monitor the performance of client websites using web analytics and suggest recommendations

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6. Business Development

Business Development is 6th on our list. Why? Because it relies on sales and marketing skills, which increase profit and contribute to an organization’s growth. You will start as a Business Development Representative and move your way up to a Manager, and then to a further leadership position. 

An estimated average salary figure for this role would be nearly 12K AED per month and can vary depending on different factors

Below is what a Business Development Manager position entails: 

  • research and identify new business opportunities
  • Develop relationships with clients
  • Understand the needs of your customers. You should be able to respond effectively with a plan 
  • See the bigger picture and think strategically
  • train members of your team

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7. Social Media Specialist

A few decades ago, it was unimaginable that a role in social media would be as big as it is today. It’s so huge and continuously growing, that it made CNN’s top 100 list of careers with big growth (it also made our list at number 7). 

A Social Media Specialist’s job involves creating and managing content for a business’ social media channels, which includes Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok and Snapchat (among others). They also determine Key Performance Indicators or KPIs to help businesses evaluate and achieve their goals. 

You can expect an estimate of 10K AED per month average salary within this role.

A typical job description for this role would look like the below: 

  • Develop creative and engaging social media strategies and create content based on those strategies
  • Manage the day-to-day handling of all social media channels 
  • Develop, launch and manage new competitions and campaigns that promote your business or special offers
  • Monitor, analyze and report on KPIs using tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook insights

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8. e-Commerce Manager

Online shopping and the convenience of getting items delivered to your doorstep has changed the retail landscape. It’s fair to say that e-Commerce is a big business. It’s also fair to say that the prospects for e-Commerce Managers are vast, there has been a 19% job growth since 2019 in the US. 

e-Commerce Managers look after the platform where consumers can buy products. They ensure consumers are attracted to the platform, and the platform is reaching the correct target audience. They also ensure consumers are satisfied with the products and delivery. 

With e-Commerce on the rise, the estimated average salary figure for this role falls around 25K AED per month. This can vary depending on individual experience, industry and/or company size.

Some day-today duties of e-Commerce Managers are below: 

  • Devise strategies that increase sales and create frameworks for social media channels to showcase the products and return profits in addition to developing SEO and other marketing plans
  • Work with Software Developers, Copywriters, and Graphic Designers to ensure careful adherence to predetermined strategies.
  • Analyze website traffic to determine the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

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9. SEO Specialist

Before we dive into a career in SEO, we should know what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s a process by which a website is optimized to get more traffic. SEO is a huge part of digital marketing, but can be a specialization on its own. This career has emerged as a popular one in the IT industry because of its demand and growing importance. Here’s why it’s important: this year, Google has received 360billion searches (and there are still 6 months to go this year), and to rank on top of Google’s searches, quality and link building are important. All of which need SEO.  

An estimated average salary figure for this role would be nearly 8K AED per month and can vary depending on different factors.

Here’s some of the important tasks an SEO Specialist does: 

  • Ensure the website is accessible, easy to follow and highly interactive
  • Run pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to increase revenue
  • Work with developers and make technical recommendations 
  • Constantly check search terms, rankings and analytics. This is to monitor other websites and make recommendations for improvement

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10. Digital Recruiter

Last but definitely not least on our list is the all important Digital Recruiter, this is arguably one of the most important roles in a business. Digital Recruiters are tasked with finding and attracting superstar talent to the company by creating a world-class talent acquisition strategy. 

An estimated average salary figure for this role would be nearly 15K AED per month. These can vary depending on individual experience, industry and/or company size. 

To emphasize their importance, here is some responsibilities Digital Recruiters are tasked with: 

  • Develop and execute a world-class talent acquisition strategy
  • Take detailed job briefs from hiring managers and create accurate job descriptions
  • Source candidates through different sourcing channels such as direct applicants, LinkedIn, GitHub
  • Screen applicants to assess if they meet the hiring requirements
  • Provide an exceptional candidate experience
  • Collect data on cost-per-hire and time-to-hire

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