TikTok: The digital marketing gamechanger in the region!

In the digital world, TikTok is the new kid on the block. In just a few short years (and fueled by the pandemic), it has quickly become a powerhouse in content creation and one of the most influential social media apps in the MENA region.

Here are 3 ways TikTok is elevating the way businesses operate in the Middle East.

Shopping 2.0 

TikTok recently launched “TikTok Shopping”, a suite of solutions, features, and advertising tools that empower brands and merchants to meaningfully engage with their customers. This allows merchants to have a comprehensive commerce experience with the option to upload products and handle everything from shipping to fulfillment and point of sale through a first-party integration.

E-commerce platforms like Shopify, Square, Ecwid, and PrestaShop are currently available on the platform for businesses and this makes it possible for brands to spotlight one or more goods immediately from an organic TikTok video, directing consumers to instantly-loaded product detail pages.

According to a TikTok feedback study, 90% of users in Saudi Arabia, 83% in the UAE, and 79% in Egypt have boosted their online buying habits. TikTok users in Saudi Arabia (80%), the United Arab Emirates (75%) and Egypt (64%) are more likely to shop online than those on other platforms. This progress demonstrates how rapidly they have adjusted to their new circumstances. 

Ads… elevated! 

Recently, Tiktok for Business in the Middle East launched Spark Ads, a new native ad display format that allows brands and enterprises to enhance not only their own popular organic posts but also relevant material shared by the community.

Original creative videos may be amplified effortlessly using Spark Ads for brands wishing to establish a solid content strategy. Furthermore, with the Stitch and Duet capabilities enabled, marketers can keep the excitement continuing by allowing the community to reinterpret, reinvent, and expand on the creativity.

Higher-impact collaborations

Two months ago, The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and TikTok struck an agreement to build and launch the Dubai Chamber – TikTok Academy, a four-week educational program that will enable 1,000 startups and SMEs to validate and grow their businesses utilizing the platform.

Participants in the two-year agreement will have access to a dedicated online educational site that will include training on digital marketing, advice on how to get started on TikTok for businesses, and assistance in crafting unique content, marketing strategies, and the capacity to optimize them.

According to Hamad Buamim, president and CEO of Dubai Chamber, the initiative offered businesses far more than just a training programme. It also gives participants the ability to learn about best practices in digital business strategies, share knowledge, boost their social media reach and attract new customers.

In a similar development, we saw the Abu Dhabi tourism department partner with Tiktok in April this year. The tourism department launched its TikTok channel called “Visit Abu Dhabi” which aims to engage content creators to showcase the best of the Emirate with creativity and authenticity, reaching audiences worldwide and inspiring viewers to consider Abu Dhabi as part of their future travel plans.

TikTok has also announced a partnership with Shopify, which will enable thousands of merchants in the Middle East to build and run campaigns specifically targeted at TikTok’s highly engaged community. Businesses of all sizes can use TikTok to promote their brands by creating creative content and conveying stories. Since the advent of the TikTok for Business platform, brands all around the world have built genuine relationships with TikTok consumers by embracing the site’s culture. For retailers looking to extend their audience, social commerce has become increasingly crucial. It offers easy, scalable solutions that allow businesses to communicate with their communities in an authentic and meaningful way.

In conclusion, it is evident that TikTok is causing huge ripples in digital marketing, particularly in the region. Newly integrated features such as TikTok Shopping and Spark Ads will help businesses elevate their marketing tactics, while collaborations with government organisations will enable startups and SMEs to amplify their growth. Welcome to new frontiers! 

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