Bob Lord IBM’s Chief Digital Officer Talks Digital Disruption

IBM’s Chief Digital Officer Bob Lord was our guest speaker on November 4th, 2018 at the new AstroLabs Lakeside Dubai coworking space (in Cluster R JLT Dubai) to discuss digital disruption with our tech community. Watch the video below and read our takeaways from this insightful event.

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If you think that only large enterprises can access IBM’s technologies, well, think again. IBM’s open-source software is revolutionizing the entire software industry, empowering startups and developers and giving them access to the right resources and tools to step up their game.

Open-source, open access

As a developer, you can now access IBM’s Watson technology or Blockchain technology in a minute. That was the purpose of Bob Lord, IBM’s Chief Digital Officer when he first joined IBM, to “unleash IBM” like he says, “so the whole world can access our technology and have an impact”.

Recently IBM acquired open-source cloud provider Red Hat.  What does this mean for the open source community? Added muscle for IBM, more resources for startups.

“We have changed the game. This is just going to revolutionize how people think about technology in the future,” explained Lord, “and the basis of that is our commitment to open source.”

IBM believes that the software business is going to operate in an open source world, and that the world’s infrastructure is going to be in a hybrid cloud environment. Learn more and get involved with IBM’s opensource solutions at:


Data is your strategic asset

IBM believes that a business’s competitive advantage is the data asset that they own. Data is a crucial business asset from which you can extract value and gain competitive advantage. It is less about the technology platform than the data asset that the business is creating. More and better data means algorithm with better accuracy and efficiency.

As a tech company you have a responsibility to protect data; you can’t forget that at the other end of that data there is a person. The good news is, the next generation coming in, they want to share more data; they’re predisposed to share more data. This is your competitive advantage.

As entrepreneurs, think about what you’re creating. Think about the data that you’re creating. Think about the data asset. Yes, it is cheaper to go to a public cloud, but it won’t protect your data. IBM doesn’t own the data; it is your data. We are here to help protect that data*.

Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer at IBM

*Learn more about IBM’s data privacy and  governance policy around data here:

Getting involved with IBM

For more developer resources to get you started with IBM, including their open Call for Code initiative, check out:

Code Patterns on IBM Developer:
Call for Code:
Making the Most of our your Data with the Watson Data Platform:

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