Lessons learned during my time at AstroLabs

After an amazing year and a half at AstroLabs, before I move on, I want to take a moment to capture some of what was accomplished during my time, and the valuable lessons I’ve learned in the process.


The team is what I will surely miss the most, we have been through so much in a relatively short period of time. It has been quite the ride launching multiple training programs every month, or launching a fully Arabic digital marketing program for the region. We even managed to turn our standard in-person training into a digital online LIVE course in less than 24 hours in response to COVID-19. The highlight for me personally has to be the chance I have been given to be part of the lives of over a thousand people that wanted to grow and build great things.



Now that I am leaving, I wanted to pause and reflect on what I have learned working at AstroLabs. It’s been a great journey working with a dynamic team, meeting so many smart people along the way. Here are some of the lessons that stood out for me.



Remove distractions that might take focus from your work. With such an abundance of information out there, attention has become a rare commodity. Our days are full of interruptions from the moment we open our eyes in the morning and check our phone notifications, till we doze to sleep and our phones slip from our hand. Time at work is no different.

Many distractions will come up during the day, stealing away our precious time and energy.

Having the ability to focus on a single task and to do it well is considered a superpower these days. At AstroLabs however I found it easy to do so. Yes the interruptions are still there, just like any other workplace, however the team understands the importance of focus and supports each other to find the mental space to focus, even being ruthless to cut away distractions. Staying true to the mission means that you do not steer away from your main objective, keep your eyes on the target and make sure you are all working together towards achieving it.

Values speak louder than words

Many companies have their values printed and hung up around the workspace yet very few live up to them. One of the first things that stands out to anyone that deals with the AstroLabs team is how these values have manifested in each team member through their actions. It is part of the culture and how we do things. The company values did not need to be force fed to anyone on the team, simply watching them in action and living up to them was good enough to make them stick.


Make It Happen

No time for excuses. Everyone takes full ownership of the projects they are working on and makes it happen. “Make it happen” is not just a motto printed on our wall, it truly is something everyone believes in and lives by. Every team member owns their projects and makes sure they are delivered. It is not a matter of having the resources to get things done, it’s about adapting a mentality of resourcefulness to get things done.

Always Keep Learning

We are all eternal students, always hungry for knowledge and looking to grow and improve. There is a spirit of sharing knowledge within the team. It is common practice that someone shares an interesting article, book, podcast, or course that they took with the rest of the team. Growing our knowledge as individuals and as a team has even spilled over to our community. We understand that for us to continue to grow and evolve we have to keep learning. The minute we stop learning we risk being out of date and irrelevant.

Check for True North Regularly

Do not be distracted by vanity metrics or cool sounding projects. Focus on your North Star. Look at the main metrics that will drive your success and focus on those. It is important to review your progress as that will help you recalibrate your approach. Without the right numbers and metrics there is no way you can make calculated improvements.

Results Speak Louder than Action

Doing stuff for the sake of looking busy is a waste of time. True achievement is what drives real results for the business. It is easy to fall into the trap of being busy doing small tasks that carry no real impact. Make sure you assess every task before taking it on to see if it will help you get closer to your goals. Understand your priorities and get comfortable turning things down if they have little or no impact.

Surround Yourself with Smarter People

Want to grow? Join a team of super smart people. Constantly strive to build capabilities, including your own. You can sense that everyone on the team is on a constant journey to learn and improve. You might want to  find out for yourself and join the team. Make sure to check the recruitment page here.


AstroLabs is more than just a place of work. It is a community of mentors, dynamic AstroLabs team members, entrepreneurs, startups, established businesses and thousands of alumni who have upskilled themselves through our academy. A great group of people that go beyond just dreaming about change, but action it and make it happen.

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  1. Nice insights – love the “check your true North” will be sharing on social