Learn Coding to Benefit your Career

We live in a rapidly changing world and as we all know, technology is advancing at an incredible rate. The job market needs people who are well versed in new technologies and this has led to demand for people who can code and in turn for people to learn coding.

We are currently in an era where coding and computer skills have gained much importance as it is no longer just for computer scientists or engineers, but is required even for many non-technical jobs.

With the increased demand for coding, it is necessary for everyone to know how to code. Even if you’re not a developer, knowing how to code can increase your marketability and gives you an edge over applicants who lack these skills. Learning to code will provide you with more opportunities than just being a coder. You might be surprised at the number of jobs that require some type of coding knowledge or skill set such as journalism, marketing, or graphic design.

Common Misconceptions about Coding

Before going deep into the subject, there are some common misconceptions about coding that need to be cleared up.

1.Coding is only for programmers Coding is not only for people who want to work in the tech industry or as programmers. More jobs are likely to come up in other areas such as law, accounting, marketing and advertising as these industries now use technology. We have entered the age of automation where coding has become crucial for many sectors.

2. Coding is difficult – Coding is not hard and anyone can learn it if they are willing to put a little time and effort into it. Many people think of coding as a grueling task, but most people find it enjoyable once they get used to it.

3. You are too old to code Coding is not only for tech-savvy Gen Z. Every day, there are more and more coding jobs available, but there just aren’t enough computer programmers to fill them. A lot of people who want to learn how to code say they’ve been told they’re too old to learn now. But age is just a number and learning to code can be done at any stage of life.

Why Learn Coding?

Now why should you learn coding? You need to learn coding because it is the future. It is a skill that will allow you to work in any industry, not just the tech industry. Besides, coding can be used as a tool for creative expression and self-expression. The benefits don’t stop there, here are some more reasons why you should learn coding.

1. Coding Skills are Valuable- Greater Opportunities for Employment
In today’s digital economy, coding is a high-value skill that can open up many doors of opportunity. As organizations are looking to transition to more digital models, those who have the skills and knowledge will be able to stay relevant in their jobs. 

The demand for coders is growing in nearly every industry. Coders can make anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 per year and coding skills are transferable to other industries and can be learned on the side.

2. Coding is the Language of the Future
The world is going digital. With advancements in technology on both the hardware and software side, computer science skills will be required for most industries in the future. 

It prepares people for careers in other fields such as design or marketing where coding can be used as an aid to help with their work.

3. High Demand of Tech Jobs will Continue to Grow
The demand for tech jobs will continue to grow. This is because of how quickly the technology field has evolved over the past decade. As our world becomes more digitized and the need for skilled coders increases, it is important that we learn valuable coding skills. With coding skill sets, students are assessed more favorably by potential employers and have a higher chance of getting hired. 

4.  Coding skills help you advance your career
As technology and the use of programming languages grow, so will the need for those with knowledge and training in coding. Learning to code can improve one’s salary potential and open up new opportunities like becoming a data analyst or project manager. In fact, jobs that involve coding offer competitive salaries, full benefits packages, and flexible work environments.

5. Coding is flexible 
The best thing about learning coding is that it can be done from anywhere, at any time, and with any device. You don’t need expensive equipment or even much space. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop or mobile phone. You can even get to work as a freelancer and start earning at the comfort of your home.

6.Helps with Critical and creative thinking 
Coding teaches people how to think critically and logically when solving problems, which enhances their cognitive abilities and broader skill sets. 

It also boosts creativity because you are constantly challenged with problems that you need to solve using your knowledge on coding.

How to get started with Coding?

We’ve talked about the whys and importance of coding. Now, the next question is how do you get started? Which resources/courses should be studied?

It’s entirely possible to learn coding all by yourself by studying courses and carrying out regular practice. However, this can be very difficult as your learning is basically unstructured.

Enters coding bootcamp. The coding bootcamp is a relatively new phenomenon that offers a wide range of benefits. The environment is friendly for beginners and the content is constantly updated with the latest tools, packages, and languages.

Bootcamps are an excellent way to learn the basics of coding or to get training in a particular language. It can also be used as a stepping stone to getting hired for a position in your desired industry. Besides, coding bootcamps are an affordable way to become a developer.

Astrolabs offers a Coding and Computer Science Bootcamp where you can learn coding intensively and emerge as a full stack developer in a short period of time. You get to learn important programming languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and build your own full stack JavaScript application using modern day technologies (Node JS, React JS and more).

It’s practically open to all skill levels and is a very wonderful choice if you are just getting started with coding. Hands-on practical coding is also carried out to ensure mastery of coding.

You can find more relevant information here: Coding Bootcamp


Coding is a skill that will help you in your career, and it can also be a great hobby. It isn’t too difficult to learn the basics and being able to code opens up many job opportunities for you. Join our Coding Bootcamp to learn all about coding and launch your coding career with ease.

Coding can also be a creative outlet as it can make you more employable, and it is one of the few skills that will never become obsolete. It’s generally considered an invaluable skill in the modern world because so many things now need to be created digitally. It’s also one of the most important skills for non-tech companies to cultivate in their employees if they want to stay competitive.

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