How to Boost your LinkedIn Engagement

Jessica Avedikian, member of our AstroLabs instructor network and founder of Social Astronaut, answers questions on creating an impactful personal profile, building an effective company page optimized for search and a strategy for crafting high-quality content on LinkedIn.




Q.1 How can you optimize and boost your profile on LinkedIn feed?

A unique feature of the LinkedIn platform is that every time you post, your first degree connections will get a notification of your post. By posting new articles or news items and commenting more frequently you can optimize the LinkedIn algorithm in your favor and gain more visibility.

Pro Tip: Don’t simply repost or share the posts of others. To get more traction, make sure you append your views to the post you are sharing.

Q.2 How important are LinkedIn hashtags, and how should they be used?

Hashtags on any platform help you be more discoverable. LinkedIn hashtags are important but not as much as they are on Twitter and Instagram. Don’t use more than 5 hashtags. Your audience wants to read what you have to say rather than get overwhelmed with hashtags!

Pro Tip: To effectively leverage hashtags to gain visibility, you should use the hashtags that are trending. Scroll down to the bottom left of your LinkedIn home page where you can find trending hashtags relevant to your market/industry.

Q.3 How do I boost the SEO for the LinkedIn company page?

SEO is not just about LinkedIn. It is an ongoing effort and may take up to 6 months until your website shows up on Google Search. To boost your SEO, focus on optimizing the website. Always have a new blog post on your website. Google sends crawlers to find out new information on your website and other platforms or social media channels that you have. Having new posts can help you get ahead in the search rankings!

Q.4 Is there a way of picking keywords and seeing the volume?

You can use keyword builder and Google Analytics to strategize and use related keywords for your SEO. However, you should always go for keywords relevant to the industry your product or service falls under.

On a separate note, if your goal is to get a job, go to “view jobs” and look at the skills on the top right and try to use those skills as keywords in your texts, summary or profile. This will help you gain visibility in recruiter search.

Q.5 How long should the LinkedIn ad videos be?

Catching the attention of your audience in the first 5 seconds is the key to winning on all ad platforms – not just LinkedIn. Though companies are advertising videos 15 seconds long, you will definitely lose the attention of your audience if you go overboard and have videos that are longer than a minute. Keep it short, simple and crisp!


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