Data Science: The Key to Launch Your Career

What is data science? Imagine, it’s the onset of a Saturday evening for a  “Netflix and Chill” session today. After that long day at work, a good movie is all you need to decompress.  But the big question arises, “ What should I watch?”. Still wondering, you go to the Netflix page, and voila! There’s a list of movie suggestions waiting for you. Now you don’t need to spend your time going through hundreds of movie reviews to find a movie to your taste. 

Movie suggestions or song suggestions on various streaming websites or product recommendations on shopping websites – it’s all a part of data science. Remember the last time you were looking for a toothbrush and the website recommended mouthwash to you? Yes, it’s all the magic of data science. 

Since we have been talking about “data science”, let me tell you a bit about it. 

Data Science is the field of study that uses programming, mathematical and statistical skills to extract significant insights from data. Seems complicated? I will make it easy for you.

Let’s go back to the Netflix example mentioned earlier. How does Netflix know what you like to watch? With a sea of users, Netflix collects heaps of information about the viewer including their age, gender, location, the type of content you search or watch, most viewed content, and user ratings. It has several mechanisms and algorithms that use this data and information to recommend movies or shows to its users. 

This is just a simple example. The use of data analytics has grown massively in the past decades. With more data available in our hands, the demands for data scientists have also skyrocketed. The primary reason for this was the sudden need for individuals who can drive useful information from the huge mesh of user data and provide it to organizations to assist them in making data-driven decisions. This reduces the risk of uncertainty to a great extent, further empowering these organizations. 

Undoubtedly, a data scientist is one of the most in-demand jobs in the world. The list of benefits that data science offers to companies, organizations, or even individuals is unending. And the best part is, no matter the career, data science can help take your career to the next level. 

Data science has been proven effective in tackling real-life problems and is being steadily adopted by various industries to enhance decision-making processes. Big data and analytics provide retail stores to cater to the needs of their customers better and keep them coming back for more. They are using it to create a more personal and customer-relevant shopping experience which makes them prone to make buying decisions. Medical professionals are using wearable trackers to provide them with useful information regarding the lifestyle of the patients that assist them in providing better healthcare to them. They are also using it to keep track of their medication and treatment plans.

The need for people to reach their destinations on time is also being catered to by big data analytics. The transporters are using the technology to map routes, manage unexpected scenarios, provide people with personalized transformation details and increase the overall chances of a successful journey. We cannot forget the entertainment industry which is using data science techniques to understand real-time content usage patterns. Spotify collects and analyses data from its users to provide better music recommendations. 

Data Science is being adopted in all kinds of industries. It isn’t the world of the future, rather we are living in the world of analytics right now. The importance of these skills is going to become necessary in future as more industries and businesses will jump in to reckon the advantages. This makes it imperative for everybody to learn data analytics to future-proof their careers. 

Analytics is all about solving large-scale problems, ones that affect entire businesses along with the staff and consumers. Being able to look at data and generate a conclusion is probably the greatest skill any employee could have. Data science gives you that ability. Learning the steps involved in data science, you can build machine learning models that can solve complex problems and make predictions about future consumer trends. In simple terms, it will assist you to make more informed decisions about your domain. With more and more businesses relying on big data, the demand for these skills will only escalate. This means the individuals well equipped with data analytics skills will be able to command higher salaries and a wider availability of jobs. 

With the value of data analytics going up, there cannot be a better time to dig into the field of data science and begin your learning journey. No, you don’t have to spend years in college to do that. The AstroLabs Data Science Bootcamp is the perfect way to learn. They are beginner-friendly and within a few weeks, you get to familiarise yourself with machine learning and deep learning, data structures, data collection, web scraping, and python basics! They teach industry-relevant skills and the curriculum is tailored to cater to the latest industry trends.

It is a great way to garner high-end learning skills in a fast-paced manner. Bootcamp organizers focus on creating a learning experience that involves learning in a pre-professional environment with highly motivated peers. The biggest benefit they offer is that they make you job-ready, no matter the domain. You will have a wider array of job opportunities available to you. Besides, they are much more affordable compared to a traditional college setting. And not to forget the opportunities it offers you to connect to experienced professionals of the field of your interest. 

So, you are all set to begin your journey in data science with data science courses. But, how to choose a course that suits you? Don’t worry, we got that covered. With our in-person and online data science bootcamp, you will learn everything about this extensive field. From basics like coding in python to diving deep into the world of machine learning and deep learning, we have it all. Our curriculum developed by experts includes 2 months of depth live modules,  75+ hours of mentorship, and practical data science projects. The best part – you don’t need any prior knowledge to join this program. 

Welcome to the Data Science learning community!

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