Hiring Trends in Digital Marketing, Tech and Data

The evolution of the digital marketing, data, and tech industry is inevitable with the advent and proliferation of advanced technologies. These days, surviving without a digital presence is nearly impossible. It was the year 1990 when the term “Digital Marketing” was first coined, and since then, there has been no going back.

Irrespective of the products or services a business sells, an online presence has become almost mandatory. Naturally, there is a surge in demand for professionals in these fields. In this article, let us explore the latest trends in these domains of the global market. 

Skills Required to Land Jobs in these domains

Before diving into the various opportunities available in the market, we should first take a peek into the various skills that we must have to avail the best of what the job market has to offer. Listed below are some of the essential skills that you must have in order to be a potential candidate for these job titles.

  • Copywriting

Most digital marketers acquire this skill these days because a copy is the most subtle way to promote and prompt a response from its readers. There is a plethora of digital content like emails, landing pages, social media content, posts, paid ads, and event invitations requiring copywriting skills. 

However, there are certainly some queries that arise, such as: What is the difference between copywriting and other forms of writing like blog writing? Copywriting is the art of convincing and capturing an audience with the aid of a limited number of words. 

Copywriting demands creativity, adaptability, and effective communication. The limited number of words that you pen must have the ability to inspire action from your audience. This is why this skill is in hot demand in the digital industry. 

  • SEO

SEO is an integral part of any customer’s life. From finding the nearest salon to buying groceries at a supermarket, SEO is involved in everything. SEO is a powerful tool that augments the business presence. This crucial digital marketing skill ensures that the business gets ranked up on various search engines, which is quite a complex subject.

However, with adequate training and insights, you can quickly master this skill. This skill requires a firm hold on many other creative and technical subskills. SEO might seem like an ongoing investment, but when the business gets ranked on the first page of Google, it seems fruitful in the end.

 Now, one might imagine why SEO experts are in high demand these days in the market. SEO skills are a sure-shot way of boosting a business, and learning these skills helps you stay a step ahead in the cutthroat competition of the market. 

  • Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a crucial skill you must have in order to be unbeatable in digital marketing, data, and tech industries. This involves using software and functional techniques for both processes and then collecting the relevant data from the influx of extensive data.

This data can prove to be a crucial key to unlocking the best solutions to a problem or creating an appealing product that can captivate its customers. This data can offer business advice and cut down the amount of time spent mulling over a decision. 

The analysis of this data opens up endless possibilities to create marketing strategies that hit home and accomplish their primary goals. Data Analytics is further branched into various sub-skills like SQL, machine learning, critical thinking, MATLAB, and this list goes on. 

Every sub-skill that adds value to your skillset in its own way is crucial. These skills also augment your brain’s thinking skills and sharpen its problem-solving abilities. 

  • Listening and Comprehension Skills

The targeting on content writing ensures that the brands convey their ideas and thoughts to their customers. However, two-way communication is essential for the smooth functioning of a business. Therefore, you can be a valuable addition to a business if you have exemplary listening skills.

By gaining insights into what the customers think of your brand, you can develop solutions and report the changes needed to make a brand more appealing to the customers.

  • CRM Skills

Maintaining cordial relationships with consumers and ensuring their satisfaction is one of the targets of any brand. CRM involves the monitoring of consumer experiences and interactions. By thoroughly understanding these interactions, you can devise innovative solutions to some of the most tricky problems.

To be dexterous in CRM skills, you must have good communication skills and empathy. These two skills can immensely improve your customer relations management. These skills often make you an enticing candidate for any business with vacancies. 

  • Design Skills

A picture that can convey 1000 words always proves to be right when it comes to the digital market. An attractive poster or a captivating social media post can magnify the engagement rate. A well-designed visual vista can go a long way in lifting a brand presence. 

If you are one of those people interested in experimenting with Photoshop, learning design skills can prove to be quite beneficial. The scope in the graphics market is unlimited only if you have the right set of skills and know where to look. 

  • Soft Skills and Presentation Skills

It goes without saying that landing a job without a set of soft skills can be a daunting challenge. However, acquiring soft skills helps you in improving your credibility as a potential candidate. Soft skills help you maintain good relationships with both the customers and higher authorities. 

As a mediator, you can effectively bridge the gap between companies and customers. This is a jackpot to any company. Therefore, in your quest to acquire various technical skills, do not leave soft skills behind. 

Soft skills are not just limited to communication skills, but they also include creativity, project management, organizing, and analytical abilities, perseverance, curiosity, and resourcefulness. Often these skills are interconnected in more ways than we can perceive and go a long way in making you a valuable candidate. 

Trends and Positions for hiring

The extensive usage of the internet has only increased with the passage of time, and this transition towards a more digital world will inevitably continue. People around the world are becoming more tech-savvy. Even in countries like the KSA, there has been a rapid surge in demand for professionals.

Let us check out hiring trends in the world, especially in countries in the Middle East.

  • Content Managers and Strategists

Content management is adept at covering all the aspects of social media activity as well as writing. This is where SEO plays a role. However, you must remember that a content manager does more than creating SEO-friendly content. 

You would be in charge of the whole social media activity. This involves organization, storage, and proficient management. It is very essential that you should be punctual and have Copywriting and project management skills.

  • SEO or SEM experts

If you plan to become an SEO or SEM professional, you must be agile and adapt to the fluctuating market. Mastering SEO and SEM skills are challenging because it involves a lot of fluctuations. The algorithms keep changing over time. 

However, this field has the most scope in the digital market because every company aims to rank on the front page of Google. Therefore, charter into this field and explore these skills.

These are present trends, and if you really want to benefit from these opportunities, head on to acquire these skills. 

  • Security Professionals 

These days businesses are entirely relying on data for performing their regular business operations. As a security professional, your job is to ensure that the data is not compromised inside and outside the organization. 

The skills required to perform the duties of security professionals seamlessly include implementing various security policies, monitoring and managing the security audits, testing the network threats, and having a deep knowledge regarding laws on the industry.

This is why security professionals are one of the highly demanded jobs in the world.

  • Programmer Analyst

As mentioned earlier, the global transit towards a digital era has left companies working on their online presence. This usually involves getting their apps or websites developed.

However, the tasks of a programmer analyst are not restricted to developing apps and websites. You would be primarily responsible for designing, coding, and running tests on the new programs. In addition, you would also be in charge of debugging as well as troubleshooting the information systems.

The various skills needed to master the skills of a programmer analyst include a relevant bachelor’s degree in the IT field and experience in programming and programming languages.  

  • System Analyst

A system analyst analyzes the IT systems of the organization and then designs techniques to solve business problems. You would also need to test programs and databases to test their efficiency. 

To become a system analyst, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or the IT field. You would need to have analytical, data analysis, problem-solving, and programming skills.

  • Data Scientist

If you choose to become a data scientist, your job will entail converting raw data into insightful information. You would also have to interpret and analyze this data to develop imaginative and innovative solutions for businesses. 

Programming skills, machine learning, and data visualization are critical skills needed to become a successful data scientist. 

  • IoT Engineer

An IoT engineer is assigned to deploy innovative services to help users receive, control, and manage services. You would also be a part of management and development teams. As a member, you would often have to manage and control an array of IoT devices. 

To become an IoT engineer, you would need to acquire skills like in-depth programming and network security. In addition, you would need to be proficient in understanding sensors, machine learning, AI, and a plethora of other skills. 

Salary trends in these fields

The average salary for a digital marketing manager in the KSA is around 177,965 SAR per annum. As you gain experience, the salaries can spike up to 362k. 

A programmer analyst’s salary ranges between 114k and 252k SAR, while a system analyst’s salary ranges between 114k and 200k. 

A content marketer’s salary might seem to start at a low base of 48k SAR. However, with time and experience, you can be paid as high as 210k SAR!

Similarly, a data scientist usually gets an annual stipend of 180,000 SAR and can increase to 466k. The promotions and experience go a long way in helping you achieve better pays. With the rise in demand for these professionals, these salaries are only going to increase.

With that all being said, you would have realized if some of these careers might be the right choice for you. Stay updated with the changing trends in the job market, and surely you will ace your professional life! Begin your journey with one of our courses at AstroLabs Academy to learn all the skills that you would need to land your dream job in one of the above domains.


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