Getting Good At Sales – AstroLabs Academy Sales Track

A growing pain many founders face is translating the functions of the product they’ve worked so hard to build into something the customers can buy into. Another one is having a weak business development capability in the team. I can go on with scenarios that paint the picture I’m talking about. The inability to effectively communicate with your customers, team and stakeholders.

The team at AstroLabs Academy realised this is a critical area to focus on and we decided to build a curriculum that would help learners develop tangible skills in the intangible world of soft skills. After months of searching for a great instructor and developing a solid curriculum, we made the program live!

On the 23rd and 24th of March, we had our first ever soft skills and sales bootcamp. The focus on content was to uncover communication inefficiencies, relationship building and sales tactics. While it was a topic that did not fit our usual course content, the drive we had to create this program was strong! It’s a major challenge many startup teams face and professionals face with few resources to help them get better at it.

Who was the instructor?

Rabih Elkhodr is a soft skills trainer, public speaking coach, and university instructor with 12+ years of experience. He has helped 2,000+ entrepreneurs, employees, TEDx speakers and corporate directors across multiple industries in 8 countries and 3 languages throughout MENA and North America.

Rabih AstroLabs Sales Workshop

What was in the course?

* Introduction to Soft Skills

* Write Better to Better Sales

* Unpack and Draft Your “Why”

* Speak Your Heart Out

* Develop Your Business Through Persuasion

* Sell Anything to Anyone


As we rounded out the course, We were super glad to receive positive feedback on the course! Stay tuned to our new and upcoming programs here!


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