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Free Dubai Digital Marketing Course

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How AstroLabs Teaches Digital Marketing

At AstroLabs, we have trained thousands of career professionals through our dubai digital marketing course, learn about everything from Display Ads (Google Display Network and Ad Networks), Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn), Google Paid Search through Google Ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Organic Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Retention Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Marketing Strategy and more!

Free Digital Marketing Course

If you aren’t ready to commit to our full digital marketing course yet, we built a short 100% free digital marketing course, that will walk you through the basics of digital marketing, help you understand the landscape, know which channels to focus on for what purpose, understand basic digital marketing strategy, and get started on your digital marketing journey.

Digital marketing is a very popular topic, but it can be overwhelming. In this online digital marketing course, we’ll be going over the fundamentals of digital marketing, to help you take your first step into this constantly growing and expansive world.

To take this free digital marketing course click on the link below to get started👇

Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a very in-demand skill. Every business in the 21st century using digital and online means in some capacity for their business. The easiest way that you can increase your business revenue and sales is through digital marketing, which means that you can be invaluable to any company you join since you’re tied directly to the revenue, and your impact will be undeniable.

It’s also a field that doesn’t need any hard credentials (like fancy degrees or years of experience to break into the field). To get started, you just need to learn to run digital marketing campaigns well on one or more channel (through either paid ads or organic means), which is a very learnable skill for anyone that puts in the time and effort.


Salaries in Digital Marketing

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 10% growth for all marketing roles including digital marketing, and our research in Dubai and the MENA region tells us the same story. We get constant requests from large companies and startups we work with for digital marketing talent on our jobs in Dubai site.

As a digital marketer, the estimated average salary figure that you can expect in Dubai would be around 15K AED per month subject to change depending on varying individual experience, industry and/or company size.

How can I learn digital marketing in Dubai?

The best way to learn digital marketing is to get your hands dirty and actually run campaigns for a real business. If you’re not confident that you are at that level yet, then we recommend that you take our dubai digital marketing course, in which in a one week period, we’ll go over all of the channels within digital marketing, and show you practically how to get started for each channel! That will put a jet engine on your learning since our instructors condense our multiple decades worth of collective knowledge into a single course that will put you on the right path to be a practical effective digital marketing.

Hope to see you around! ✌️


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