Working out of a coworking space increases productivity!

Though still a relatively new concept, the term coworking space has taken the business world by storm. Essentially a shared workspace, it offers affordability, convenience, and a plethora of other benefits that are often hard to come by in a conventional office space.

In fact, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, coworking spaces were considered the fastest-growing type of office space. Though they comprise only a small percentage of the commercial real estate market currently, research states that they will soon account for nearly 30% of the market by 2030!

So what is it about a coworking space in Dubai that has enabled it to hit the nail right on the head as compared to paying expensive office rent Dubai? Why are coworking spaces becoming the new normal after a work-from-home culture? Here’s how these shared work spaces foster an environment of efficiency. 

What is a coworking space?

Imagine this – the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air, a supercharged environment sprinkled with happiness and satisfaction, and the gentle sounds of people chatting and working on their gadgets. 

Contrary to popular belief,  a coworking space in Dubai is not just limited to freelancers; businesses, startups, and corporations also rent them out to offer their employees the convenience of a flexible working environment. 

A typical coworking space will have all the amenities that contribute to a productive workspace, including meeting rooms, a well-stocked pantry, printers, charging stations, and high-speed WiFi. But, access to these resources is just one of the many benefits hidden behind a screen of energy! 

How does a coworking space foster productivity?

Why does a coworking space in Dubai appeal to those working from home? How do these spaces help new startups flourish? The primary answer to these questions is just one word, that is, productivity. 

Work Structure and Discipline 

Remote working has unveiled several possibilities for both freelancers, and employees. You can work in the comfort of your home, in your pajamas, wake up late, and take multiple breaks. While that is absolutely great, it is also super easy to lose your focus, and give in to the temptations of distractions. 

A coworking space offers the same degree of flexibility, but with the added benefit of inducing a disciplined structure into an autonomous one. An excess of freedom will eventually cripple productive outcomes, but a dearth of it too leads to the same result. Coworking spaces posit the perfect balance between a professional work environment, laced with a hint of casual work routines. 

This paradox is created by the community of diverse people in the coworking space, which motivates people to curate a basic schedule or routine, while giving them a certain, flexible degree of control over their work. Ultimately this boosts productivity. 

Work-Life Balance

With new trends come new challenges, and the shift to a virtual workplace has given rise to the problem of online fatigue. If you’re working from home, it can become quite difficult to assess when you need to tune off work and focus on your personal life. 

The work-from-home culture has given rise to the notion that employees are available at any time. Eventually, you become exhausted and stressed out by the constant barrage of online meetings, and heavy screen time. Finally, you burn out, and productivity halts completely.

Another scenario is the constant distraction and noise at home be it crying children, pets, or the blaring television. These distractions only hinder productivity and increase stress. So where do you draw the line?

A coworking space empowers you with the choice to either work silently by yourself, or work together with other like-minded people. You can follow a specific routine, tend to emergencies if any, and finally achieve a harmonious balance between your work life, and personal life. This alleviates stress and thus lets you work more efficiently. 

Socialization and Happiness

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is the fleeting feeling of isolation. Being behind a screen every day, talking to the same few people all day long, will understandably take a toll on your mental health.

If you feel isolated, you’ll be filled with dejection, and lose your motivation or enthusiasm to work. Working may feel like a grueling task, even if it is something that you usually love to do. A coworking space in Dubai offers a solution to this problem. 

The semi-informal settings create a more collaborative environment where you can meet people from all walks of life and have an enjoyable conversation with them. As opposed to a mundane ambiance offered by a dull, boring office cubicle, a coworking space is buzzing with creativity and vibrancy, creating the perfect setting for stimulating your mind.

Sense of Belonging and Community

A coworking space offers a perception of community to all those who choose to work there. You don’t feel pressured to don a work persona, just to make your work more meaningful. There is little to no office politics, or aggressive competition, therefore improving morale, and enhancing the sense of community. 

A coworking space in Dubai stimulates an environment where mutual respect and support are the norms, therefore propagating multidisciplinary collaboration and networking. The community values of sustainability, collaboration, and learning define a coworking space. A happy, positive, and encouraging environment boosts productivity, creativity, and happiness. 


In a coworking space, you work with other like-minded professionals who have very unique and diverse skills. If you ever face a creative block or get stuck somewhere, you can openly discuss with your community of workers in a coworking space.

This also proves to be time-effective, as you don’t have to step out of your workspace, to consult someone and gain unique insights, advice, or inspiration. Another aspect that makes these shared workspaces a hub for networking, is the opportunity to brainstorm and constantly learn from different people in diverse industries. 

Not only will this help you become more creative, knowledgeable, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends, but will help boost your productivity and work efficiency, by leveraging your newfound skills.

The seamless flow of ideas in a super-charged, energetic environment, keeps you motivated to do your best. These insights from people skilled in specific fields will minimize the chances of costly mistakes, so you don’t have to waste time later to fix any errors or address problems.

Networking proves to be especially beneficial for startups that don’t want to opt for the expensive and conventional choice of paying office rent Dubai, as it can open up the opportunity to expand the team, and include those with fresh perspectives. By only focusing on certain aspects at a time, a streamlined workflow is created, which makes for a more productive output.


From cramped cubicles demarcated with glass or plastic dividers to complex open floor plans with a noisy, distracting ambiance, and finally, a virtual workspace wherein employees work from home, everything conceivable has been tried and tested, to stimulate productivity.  

A coworking space in Dubai is the perfect balance between productivity and flexibility, therefore creating an environment where employees can thrive. It fosters a naturally stimulating environment that motivates people and inspires work efficiency.

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