AstroLabs Alumni Spotlight- Maya Kattan

AstroLabs Academy Courses are a great pathway to grow your career, your business and your team. We spoke with Maya Kattan, who is the Business Development Manager at tabby and a Digital Marketing Alumna.

What was the most insightful learning you got from the program?

I’d say I learned the most from the lessons on Pull marketing. Our day to day work is mostly online, so I think that learning about Google Shopping Ads, and Search Engine Marketing plays a huge role in how we can assist our company in growing. Whether for tabby or for our own brands someday, these learnings can be utilised in maximising both sales and customer satisfaction with our products which is of course based on search relevancy.

How are you going to implement it in your business/career?

Initially, I had studied marketing in university but never got the chance to delve into digital marketing. I was looking more at offline marketing. So generally I feel the whole course was useful for me to do that transformation into the digital world and be more involved in marketing. 

What do you want to achieve in digital marketing in the next 3 months?

I’d like to assist the tabby marketing team and with these learnings as I feel I definitely have more to add to the table. 

Tell us one main thing learnt that you didn’t know before?

Everything haha. Just kidding, but around 80% of things were new to me. Honestly, I could easily give feedback to my university and say that I learned more in the past 10 days than I did throughout my degree. All we really learn about is Customer Experience or Event Management. I feel that all the core learnings that we learned in Digital Marketing Course are so much more relevant to our lives nowadays. One example is the SEO Pyramid; I knew that SEO existed but didn’t know how it really worked to increase website visibility. A part of me even thought that whoever is the highest bidder gets their website listed first when searching something relevant which just goes to show how little I knew. Also, I had absolutely no idea that there are ways to do this organically. 

Please sum up your experience with the course in one sentence!

A lot learned in a short but structured time frame, definitely recommended!


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